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Journey Through Sci-Fi

Oct 29, 2020

"You gotta be more careful, cause I can't lose you again"

This week James & Matt take a look at a couple of time travel films where people are trying to save lives by going back in time. Join them as they discuss Frequency (2000) and See You Yesterday (2019).

| Frequency at 01:32 | See You Yesterday at 37:34 |


Oct 22, 2020

"How would you like to be rich?"

This week James & Matt discuss what happens when time travel is used for personal gain. To dive into this topic they return to the Back To The Future series and also discuss Shane Carruth's confusing but brilliant Primer from 2004. 

| Back to the Future Part II at 01:45 | Primer at 43:00...

Oct 15, 2020

In a special bonus episode of the podcast James & Matt discuss Christopher Nolan's new film Tenet (2020) and unpack the film's use of time travel and where it sits in Nolan's filmography. 


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Oct 8, 2020

"If I could guarantee that you'd get away with it, would you kill him?"

This week James & Matt discuss what happens when time travel is kept in check by the law. This week they discuss Time Cop (1994) & Predestination (2014)

| Time Cop at 01:40 | Predestination at 40:52 |


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Oct 1, 2020

"And if you could see your path or channel, then you could see into the future, right? Like it's a form of time travel"

This week James & Matt look at clairvoyance in time travel films by discussing Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko (2001) and Stephen Spielberg's Minority Report (2002).

| Donnie Darko at 01:52 | Minority...